About | the kaplar method

A tree lives on its roots. If you change the roots, you change the tree.
— Jane Hirshfield, American Poet

A comprehensive intuitive and physical assessment of muscle, gland, cellular, and other bodily systems that allows the practitioner to identify and address the root causes of physical conditions. It is a non-invasive technique style similar to Cranial Sacral and Bone Motility therapies, where the practitioner addresses the root causes of illness and/or injury throughout all levels of the body to facilitate healing and restore healthy system functions.


Benefits | resetting your body

We start with a thorough scan of the body down to the cellular level to see what all needs to be addressed. Working towards decreased discomfort, increased range of motion, and a healthier you! 

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Working with the head is the most amazing part of the body as it is our control center. This also provides a starting point to work my way through the body to see that nothing goes unnoticed when seeing what is or could not be working to its optimal level. Your benefits are stepping off the receptive wheel of chronic issues that have been plaguing you for however long, giving you back your quality of life and optimal energy.



Sessions available in 55 minute session either once or twice a week. Since the goal of the Kaplar Method is to treat clients for non-repeat and long term healing, sessions are booked via month-to-month packages to reflect the amount of healing your unique body needs.

  • One Month (4 Week) | One 55min session per week | $700

  • One Month (4 Week) | Two 55min sessions per week | $1,200

  • Single 55min Session | $225