Kaplar Method and headaches

Working with the head is the most amazing part of the body to work with. Not only do I get to feel what the movement pattern the occiput and frontal bones are doing, I get to feel the rthym at which your brain is traveling. I have been able to feel zig zagging patterns, misfiring patterns, and what has felt like a jumbled mess of electricity. In balancing out the communication within the brain and allowing the body to realize that the current movement patterns are incorrect, the body then will right itself and start moving in the correct movement patterns.

What is Kaplar Method?

The Kaplar method is a comprehensive intuitive and physical assessment of muscle, gland, cellular, and other bodily systems that allows the practitioner to identify and address the root causes of physical conditions.  It is a non-invasive technique style similar to Cranial Sacral and Bone Motility therapies, where the practitioner addresses the root causes of illness and/or injury throughout all levels of the body to facilitate healing and restore healthy system functions.

“A tree lives on its roots. If you change the roots, you change the tree.”  — Jane Hirshfield, American Poet